BSO Inspection 2021

BSO (British Schools Overseas) Inspection, September 2021

MBIS has been judged by Penta International (UK government accredited inspectorate) as ‘Excellent’ in every single category - the highest possible grade of achievement. Commendation of this kind is rare in independent international education and MBIS continues to be one of the world’s leading British international schools.


Penta International is an inspection body approved by the British Government for the purpose of inspecting independent schools around the world. They are responsible for the vast majority of BSO inspections worldwide. 

A team of BSO inspectors visited MBIS from Tuesday 28th till Thursday 30th September 2021. The inspectors observed lessons, conducted formal interviews with children and examined samples of their work. They held discussions with staff, observed extra-curricular activities, analysed student outcome data, conducted a full assessment of the school’s policies, systems and procedures and talked to different groups of the school’s stakeholders.


The inspection report gave a clear judgement on each aspect of the school’s work. These judgements are based on a four-point descriptor scale ranging from ‘unsatisfactory’ to ‘excellent’. Excellent is the highest grading a school can be awarded.

After collating and analysing evidence in each of the domains, the inspection team found MBIS to be ‘Excellent’ in every area. This means overall the school is outstanding.

The quality of education provided by the school ‘Excellent’

  • Curriculum - Excellent
  • Teaching & assessment - Excellent
  • Standards - Excellent

The spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of the students ‘Excellent’

The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health, and safety – ‘Excellent’

The quality of welfare, health, and safety of the students ‘Excellent’

The quality of the premises and accommodation ‘Excellent’

The quality of leadership and management of the school ‘Excellent’

The suitability and the proprietor of the staff ‘Excellent’

The quality of provision of information for parents, carers, and others ‘Excellent’

Here are just a few of the very positive comments made by the inspection team...

'Maadi British International School is excellent in all aspects.'

'The school offers an excellent British education in all respects, that meets the needs of its students.' 

'Students’ behaviour is exemplary, and they clearly enjoy being at school. As a result, the vast majority make excellent progress, becoming eager, confident, and articulate learners.' 

'The school is led very effectively by a Principal with a highly competent and committed team of senior leaders.'

We are extremely proud and thrilled to be formally recognised as one of the leading British schools overseas. It is a great honour to be classed as ‘excellent’ in every domain again, affirming the outstanding nature of the school. The school has worked hard at improving standards and developing the holistic life of our students. The report is a fitting reflection of the exceptional teamwork, collaboration and commitment of the staff, children and parents and a wonderful endorsement of the values we hold dear. MBIS is a world class school and offers the highest level of British education.

We know MBIS to be an outstanding school and this has now been confirmed again in our second outstanding all areas BSO report. Very few schools anywhere in the world have achieved this.

Download the full report- it makes wonderful reading!

BSO Inspection Report

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