School Meals

Students have the choice to bring in their own packed lunches or make use of the on-site cafeteria. Healthy foods and drinks are actively encouraged. Confectionery, e.g. chocolate, sweets is not allowed.

The school has an impressive outdoor cafeteria that serves a wide range of healthy foods and drinks. The cafeteria is located near the EYFS Centre and offers extensive seating in a cool shaded area. Picnic benches with umbrellas are also located across all our outdoor areas.

MBIS is pleased to announce that our new on-site caterers are Marny’s and they are offering sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast items as well as fresh juices. During the winter months, hot meals will be served.  Please view the sample menu below to see what delicious choices Marny’s are currently offering.

Marny's MBIS Menu

Marny’s is a family owned and operated food and beverage production, distribution and sales company that was founded in Maadi in 2015. Two of the family are ex-alumni of MBIS so it is good to welcome them back.

Their values are very much in line with those of MBIS:

  • A holistic operation encompassing procurement, delivery, storage, handling, and preparation of raw materials & finished products supervised by an experienced Quality Control team.
  • Insisting on premium local and imported ingredients.
  • Providing equal work opportunities and a livable wage to all staff, supplemented by medical care & performance incentives.
  • The daily personal involvement of the Marny’s founding family members in all aspects of operations.

In accordance with the COVID19 procedures undertaken by MBIS, Marny’s will be offering pre-ordered snacks and lunch meals. As a parent, you can be more involved in what your child eats by pre-ordering for the week and track your online wallet balance. For further details, please contact Marny’s directly on [email protected].

We look forward to our collaboration with Marny’s serving students, parents and staff members for their daily food and beverage needs.

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