Our Comprehensive Curriculum - Creating reflective Learners with an emphasis on Excellence & Enjoyment

The English National Curriculum (ENC) is widely regarded as a rigorous programme that ensures a high quality provision. Together with the GCSE UK accredited courses these are recognised and valued by the international community.

As a British school overseas, our curriculum is firmly based on the ENC and fully reflects recent changes made by the UK government. Equally, our Primary and Secondary curriculums are very much a learning programme for the 21st century, carefully tailored to meet the needs of our global students. In other words, whilst the ENC directs what to teach, our curriculum methodology provides a unique vehicle of delivery, the how to teach.

Secondary- KS3 & GCSE

MBIS is an accredited centre for Edexcel Examinations. 

..Highly acclaimed world recognised certification and pathways towards higher education. 

At MBIS, our Year 7, 8 and 9 students follow the Key Stage 3 English National Curriculum in a secondary school manner in preparation for KS4 and our Year 10 and Year 11 students follow Edexcel GCSE courses leading to KS5 or other pathways.

The I/GCSE programme covers a range of subject choices including. Spanish, French and Arabic  Single Sciences, History, Geography, GCSE PE, Business, English Language and Literature, Computer Science and more creative subjects such as Art and Design and Music. 

The Primary Integrated Curriculum

At MBIS, the Primary programmes of study carry the learning objectives of the ENC through topics that have real appeal and relevance to the students. The students are truly ‘hooked’ by what they are learning and consequently their motivation, application and quality of learning are all fully enhanced.

In our Primary creative curriculum, the teaching is thematic, with subjects across the curriculum meaningfully linked, supporting children’s understanding of ‘the big picture’. Learning is making connections and our creative curriculum explicitly supports this.

The topic areas are ‘child-friendly’. Our curriculum features a range of topics with immediate interest for the children. For example, our Year 4 children enjoy Lotions & Potions - a unit of study based on the Harry Potter books! The students are fully engaged and standards of learning are high. Science, History and Geography are taught in a connected manner, with other subject areas - especially English - linked in where appropriate.

Additionally, each topic has a ‘Launch Pad’ and a ‘Landing Pad’ - a special activity/experience to mark the start and end of the learning. Very often, parents are invited to share this with the students. Wherever possible, parent support and expert help is actively sought throughout each topic.

School trips also support the learning. For example, in Term 1, Y3 visit The Pharaonic Village in Giza for the launch pad of their topic, "The Brave and the Bold"

Our creative curriculum:

  • has relevance and purpose
  • is inquiry-based: with children exploring key questions and creating their own questions along the way
  • is driven by skills acquisition as well as knowledge development
  • advocates a range of teaching and learning styles to meet children’s individual needs
  • promotes active learning and direct experience
  • encourages independent and collaborative learning
  • is fun, with a ‘wow’ factor!
  • involves parents at every opportunity
  • extends learning into the local environment/community
  • is rigorous and comprehensive - meeting all the requirements of the English National Curriculum
  • is highly praised by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate 

The Primary creative curriculum applies to the Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2 children (Foundation to Year 6).

It is important to know that the creative curriculum is taught in thousands of schools in England, with great success and praise. In the past 10 years, hundreds of leading international schools have also taught a creative curriculum. In both primary and secondary age groups, where a creative curriculum is taught, standards are high.

The provision at MBIS has been highly praised by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (2016). Their report stated that:

"At every stage older children show high levels of knowledge and understanding and very well-developed skills...all of this is undertaken with enjoyment and with a thirst for learning."

"Creativity throughout the school is excellent."

"Pupils make excellent progress."

"The curriculum provision is rich in content, balanced and exciting. It strongly supports the school's aims."

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