Secondary School

Successfully bridging Primary and Secondary learning…

Years 7 to 11

Secondary School includes Year 7 (11-12 years); Year 8 (12-13 years); Year 9 (13-14 years) and Year 10/11 (14-16 years).

Building on their previous learning experiences, our Year 7, 8 and 9 students follow the Key Stage 3 English National Curriculum and Year 10 and 11 students follow the Key Stage 4 English National Curriculum. Subject specialist teachers teach all aspects of the curriculum ensuring a focused, expert delivery at this more demanding level of learning. Throughout Upper School, high expectations and expert delivery ensure the very best in learning standards. MBIS is proud to relay, for example, that our End of Key Stage standardised external assessment results always far exceed UK outcomes.

The MBIS children-centred ethos prevails, with engaging lessons catering for all abilities and learning styles. In addition to developing a mature and responsible approach to their learning, the students are expected to take an increasingly independent and responsible role in different aspects of school life. From School Council to charity work to planning their own residential trips, our young people continue to develop key life skills such as respect, leadership, collaboration and resilience.

To offer the very best support for our children in both personal and academic matters, each teacher in the Secondary School has a small group of students to whom they serve as a mentor: a friendly adult point of contact available at any time in addition to termly meetings.

MBIS ensures that our older students are fully prepared for the transition to secondary schooling, whether that is a private school in the UK, a local international school or one elsewhere in the world. MBIS supports assessments requested by other schools and ensures an easy transition for all.

If you have any questions regarding our Secondary School Programme, please contact Nick Rudd - Head of Secondary - [email protected]


“It is a welcoming and friendly school with a rigorous approach to learning” - Parent

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