How To Apply

We are so glad you wish to join us!

The school offers places to children with foreign nationality. If you would like to enrol your children at MBIS, please follow the simple steps below:

1. Contact our School Admissions Manager, Nancy Girgis. Mrs. Nancy will arrange a visit to the school. This will include a meeting with the Head of School, a tour of the site and the handover of key documentation including an application package.

2. We understand that for some families, a pre-visit is not possible - especially for those who are re-locating to Cairo. In such cases, please e-mail Nancy with any queries. Registration forms are available on this page. Once completed they can be emailed to Nancy at [email protected].

3. Upon receipt of the completed application forms and previous school report, an entrance interview is scheduled. MBIS is not an academically selective school. However, we need to be sure that our curriculum is appropriate to your children’s needs. Our friendly, child-centred assessments are age and stage appropriate:

  • Foundation & Reception age children - a classroom-based observation; short phonics assessment (90 minutes)
  • Year 1 & Year 2 age children - a classroom-based observation; short reading and writing assessments (90 minutes)
  • Year 3 to Year 11 age children - an age appropriate online assessment in reading and general mathematics; short writing task (90 minutes)
  • If your child is new to English - short assessments in speaking, writing and reading; short non-language based mathematics task (90 minutes)

4. An official offer of a place is made to parents, subject to availability.

5. Parents are invited to confirm the children’s enrolment, after which the registration fee is requested.

6. Once the fee is paid, the place is secured.

MBIS accepts enrolment applications across the year. Please be aware that the number of places available may be limited.

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