Team Work & Leadership

Team working and leadership

Team working and leadership are actively encouraged through classroom activities and also through a range of other experiences:

House Teams

Our House Team system promotes effective teamwork and friendly competition. Upon entry to the school, children are welcomed to one of our four colour House Teams: Blue - Water House; Red - Fire House; Green - Earth House; and Yellow - Air House. The children are placed in the same house as their siblings and remain with this team throughout their time at MBIS. Each House has a student Team Leader. Across the year, the House teams compete in friendly sporting and academic competitions to secure house points and win the annual House Team Cup!

Student Leadership Team

At MBIS ‘student voice’ is loud and clear, adding real value to the experiences of all children. Our Student Leadership Team operates across Year 2 – 6 (Primary Leadership Team) and Year 7 -10 (Secondary Leadership Team) with all classes represented by an elected member for each term. The two Leadership Teams meets regularly under the supervision and guidance of a Senior Leader. The students engage in constructive debate to discuss areas of interest to them and the wider school community they represent. The focus is always on making a positive difference. The children take responsibility for carrying out agreed actions, often presenting the views of the group to school leaders, other key adults and to the whole school in assembly time.

Special Roles

Students in Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) are invited to apply for the positions of Head Boy and Girl. They represent the school at special events, meet with the school leadership to discuss school matters, welcome VIPs to MBIS and host special assemblies and events. 

Older children serve as Playground Marshals – trained in supporting younger children in playground games and helping them with any issues. Equally, they are encouraged to take a leadership role through running an ASA with adult support.


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