Our Values - Personal Learning Goals

All good schools place importance on academic achievement. Excellent schools place equal importance on developing the whole child: personally and socially. At MBIS we provide a holistic approach to education.

Central to this endeavor are the MBIS ‘Personal Learning Goals’. These goals are qualities, attitudes and skills that we aim to develop in all the students. It is our firm belief that these five aspirational goals will enable the students to be effective learners and happy, successful members of society – they will thread all the way through the students' learning journey with us and continue into adult life.

Our 5 Personal Learning Goals are:

Respect - ‘We value others and the world in which we live’

  • Valuing different views, beliefs and cultures
  • Caring for the environment
  • Respecting others’ bodies and personal space
  • Demonstrating appropriate behaviour and manners
  • Respecting our own and others’ possessions

Reflectiveness - ‘We think about what we say and do’

  • Knowing what is ‘the right thing to do’
  • Connecting what we have been learning to other experiences
  • Planning what to do next
  • Using time well
  • Keeping safe

Resilience - ‘We keep trying, even when things are difficult!’

  • Concentrating really well
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Having a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Keeping at tasks even when they become difficult

Relationships - ‘We cooperate well with others’

  • Communicating well
  • Working as part of a team
  • Taking a lead
  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Helping others
  • Knowing ourselves

Resourcefulness - ‘We find other ways of doing things’

  • Knowing what to do when things are unclear
  • Asking good questions
  • Using different learning styles
  • Finding and using tools, materials and resources
  • Taking risks
  • Finding other ways of doing things

A unique symbol visually represents the 5 Personal Learning Goals – Cleo the Cat! An animal was incorporated into the design to enable the students to meaningfully connect with the Personal Learning Goals.  The cat - an animal very much associated with our host country - suited this purpose well.  The cat was named ‘Cleo’ following a whole school competition.  A very fitting name! The triangle represents am Egyptian pyramid; the four colours reflect our four House Teams of Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Air (Yellow) and Earth (Green)


Cleo can be found in our main entrance and in every classroom and shared learning area of the school. The Personal Learning Goals are regularly used by the teachers in the planning, delivery and assessment of lessons; they form a reference point for classroom discussion; they provide personalised targets for students; and they are the drivers behind a new positive behaviour policy. The Personal Learning Goals will effectively become part of the ‘language of learning’ at MBIS.

We encourage parents to ask their children about the Personal Learning Goals and what they mean to him/her.  By adopting the goals at home they provide excellent reinforcement of their child’s learning.

Our school motto is ‘Learning for Life’. The Personal Learning Goals embody this shared vision for the children of MBIS.

"It’s our home! We love MBIS, it changed our son so much to be a happy, independent, knowledgeable, fluent in language, very well-disciplined child. We just love you MBIS!" - Parent

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