Educational trips are recognised as an important part of a well-rounded education.  All students from Reception upwards participate in day trips to support the curriculum.

From Year 4 upwards, children are offered opportunities to take part in residential trips. Some of these are based in Egypt, and some involve overseas travel. Parents of participating children are asked to cover the costs of residential visits.

Day Trips

Recent trips have included:

Mosques and churches
The local fire station
A local hospital
Sunbird Gardens
A farm in Saqqara
A robotics workshop
A chocolatiere
The Giza and Saqqara Pyramids
The Nile
Wadi Degla – Protected desert area

Residential Trips

Trips planned for the future are:

Luxor (Year 4: Egyptian History & Culture History)

England (Year 5: London & PLG Outdoor Pursuits Centre)

Dubai (Year 6: Environmental Studies, Team Building)

Oman (Year 7: Environmental Studies, Adventure & Cultural)

Sri Lanka (Years 8 & 9: Adventure, Cultural, Service)

Italy (Years 7-9: Skiing)

HMUN Dubai (Years 9-10: Model United Nations)

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